Center Console Bay Fishing Boats

Bay Fishing Boats

When backcountry fishing bay boats are leading the way. sizes vary from 22-24 ft in length. Single engine power with room for up to and exceeding 4 anglers comfortably.

Bay boats have been the answer for anglers looking to put more than 3 or more anglers on a boat. With plenty of deck area and casting room bay boats have fit this call and made themselves very good at many things here in the Florida Keys Fishing arena.

The versatility of bay boats has brought them to the front of tarpon fishing success especially in Key West. With their ability to fish anywhere and carry huge supplies of live bait with the advantage of power poles and trolling motors the tarpon fishing has been revolutionized.

Some bay boats offer bathrooms most dont, inquire with your fishing guide. Cooler space in bay boats is not limited and offers you the ability to carry as much as you want for your day on the water.

Fun fishing out of bay boats is a blast. Feel safe and comfortable all day long as adults or with little ones ensuring a stable fishing platform. Snorkeling is also very easy off of a bay boat. Locals have been using boats like these for years to access our living coral reefs.

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