Flats Fishing Boats Poling Skiffs

Flats fishing boats

The boats we use for flats fishing are very unique. Designed over years and years of thought into how to go shallower with less noise yet not sacrificing ride, comfort and dryness all the while carrying 1 - 2 angers plus a flats fishing guide.

Flats fishing boats come in all sizes from 16 - 20 ft. Outboard powered with a poling platform on the back for the flats fishing guide to stand on. The platform aids in the fishing guides ability to see fish from great distances and offer his anglers a shot at their target game fish query.

An excellent platform to go fly fishing from here in Key West. Tarpon fishing and bonefishing are two species flats fishing boats do best at.

Bathrooms are not generally part of a flats fishing boat. Camping rules apply here.

Cooler space is limited on flats fishing boats so bring only what you expect to consume on a day of flats fishing with your guide.