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Flats Fishing


Flats Fishing in the Florida Keys is a passion. Sight fishing the shallow flats in between beautiful mangrove islands. Enjoying the solitude of truly getting away from it all. Just you, your guide and nature. All of this gets a bonus with an opportunity to catch one of the famous gamefish that live in these shallow water estuarys. Books have been writen about it, many tv fishing shows have teased you with it right in your own home. Now it's time to make flats fishing an experience you will remember.

Booking a flats fishing trip is easy. Check out our list of professional fishing guides and call them directly.



Key Largo Flats Fishing Guides Flats Fishing guides in Key Largo
Tarpon Fishing Charters Islamorada Flats Fishing Key Largo / Islamorada / Everglades Bamboo Charters

Flats Fishing Islamorada and Key Largo is spectacular! There are many species of fish to fish for and lots of talented fishing guides to fish with. Here at Bamboo charters we offer the best in flats fishing available in the upper Florida Keys. Flats boats and bay boats to chose from to make your day the best it can be.

Call Bamboo Charters at 1-800-477-4188.............. or Email Us

Islamorada Flats Fishing Guides Flats Fishing guides in Islamorada
Tarpon Fishing Charters Islamorada Bamboo Charters Flats and Backcountry Fishing

Flats fishing the backcountry of Islamorada, Key Largo and The Everglades National Park with professional fishing guides is the way to go here in the Florida Keys. Bamboo Charters lead by Capt. Matt Belliger is your answer. Come see what awaits you.

Call Bamboo Charters at 1-305-394-0000.............. or Email Us At

bonfishing Islamorada Key Largo Fishing guides Islamorada Bonefishing Flats Fishing Guides - Click Here

Bonefishing in Islamorada and Key Largo. The bonefishing capitol of the world. Our bonefish are HUGE! Smart too. Come see why bonefishing has captured the attention of anglers all over the world both spin fishing and fly fishing. Our flats fishing charters are the best the Florida Keys has to offer. 4, 6, and 8 hour trips.

Lets Go Bonefishing .......1-800-477-4188 Email Us

Marathon Flats Fishing Guides Flats Fishing Marathon
Lower Keys Flats Fishing Guides Flats Fishing Lower Keys
Flats Fishing Guide Key West Lower Florida Keys Capt. Nathan Wheeler

 Capt. Nate Wheeler - Light Tackle Angling Adventures

Fishing all the Lower Keys, year-round between Bahia Honda, Key West, and the Marquesas atoll, locally born guide Capt. Nate Wheeler can get you hooked up.  Fly or spin fishing, Capt. Nate is an extremely friendly and energetic guide willing to work with all ages and angling abilities.

Call Me 1-305-394-2177..... Email Me ....

Key West Flats Fishing Guides Flats fishing Key West
big pine key flats fishing Capt. Steven Lamp - Veteran Key West Flats Fishing Guide

Fish the Key West flats with a veteran fishing guide. Capt. Steven Lamp fishes from Big Pine Key to the Marquesas including all fo Key West and Sugarloaf Keys. Great gear, nicest boat. Professional Guaranteed. Fly and Spin Fishing.

Call 1-305-292-7212 or Email

Key West flats fishing Guides and Charters bonefish The Flats Fishing Guides Of Key West

The Flats Fishing Big Pine Key to Key West. We can help you chose a guide that's right for you. Check out our web site or call our local Key West office and book your day with one of our top rated flats fishing guides. Fly fishing and spin fishing, Licensed and insured.Best rates for guaranteed service.

Call Gennifer at 1-888-362-3474 or Email Us

Flats Fishing

In order to fish the flats you will need an experienced flats fishing guide. Not only one that knows his way around but is also very experienced in the ways of these very spooky fish. Many have said that the Florida Keys Flats fishing guides are some of the best fishing guides in the world, partly because they are so diverse. We have professional fishing guides listed here for you in all the places you will want to visit in the Florida Keys.

Anyone can go flats fishing and have a ball. People of all ages and skill level have fished the flats year in and year out. Any one of our professional flats fishing guides are able to help you learn the ropes quickly so you can have a productive day of catching fish.

Already a Pro? No problem there either. Each one of our guides have been fishing the flats for many years and can help you get to the next level in casting and presentation of either fly or bait. You can also talk to these guides about guiding you in the next flats fishing tournament while you are here in the Florida Keys.

Flats Fishing in Each Region

Fishing Islamorada or flats fishing Key Largo has little variation. These fishing guides basically work the same waters from the ocean side out to Flamingo.  The few things that change are the names of the guides and the fish you will be searching for. The Upper Florida Keys hold some of the biggest bonefish found anywhere in Florida. Flats fishing was practically invented in the Upper Florida Keys and many of the great names in the history of guiding are from there. Target the Redfish, Trout and Snook regularly along with Bonefish Tarpon and Permit with many other assorted species. Middle Keys

 Flats Fishing in Marathon offer a great diversity to flats fishing, with your fishing guide being able to fish the upper or lower middle keys any given day or just stay in his own backyard for some great shallow water sight fishing. All the same species apply with a great advantage on baby tarpon in the fall. Lower Keys The Big Pine and

Cudjoe lower Keys keys flats fishing guides have it made, some of the richest flats fishing in the Florida Keys with huge numbers of wiling to eat Bonefish, tarpon and Permit these guides have the tides dialed in.

Flats Fishing  Key West you have the versatile fishery of Key West and the Marquesas keys without a doubt the BEST permit fishing in the world along with a year round tarpon fishery mixed with numerous bonefish, redfish, huge barracudas on the flats and trout. A trip to the Marquesas is truly a great fishing experience. Don't forget to check out our Specialty Fishing Guides.

The Florida Keys Tarpon fishing guides are some of the best in the world. Check out our incredible Florida Keys Bonefishing as well, this sport was almost invented here. Then there are the top notch skilled Florida keys Fly Fishing guides to show you a great time on the water. If a more relaxed version of flats fishing here in the Keys is your style then you may want to try our Florida Keys Backcountry Fishing Charters. Larger boats that can accommodate more people offering


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